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Wanna See The BEAUTIFUL MODEL . . That NBA Star Steph Curry Used To DATE . . .Before He Got Married To AYESHA!!!! (Did He . . . Make The RIGHT CHOICE??)

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Steph Curry and his wife Ayesha have dated off and on since High School. And while Steph was in COLLEGE at UCLA, he dated a few models during his "off" times from Ayesha.

Well here is one of those models that Steph allegedly dated when on BREAK from Ayesha. Her name is Cheyenne - and she's BURNING UP Instagram. The young lady is pretty, her body is nice, and she is very PHOTOGENIC.

It shows that Steph has good taste in women. But we're glad he chose to WIFE Ayesha. She seems like she's more of a "family" type of woman.

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