Wanna See What ROB KARDASHIAN'S Fiancee Chyna Looked Like . . . Before She Got Her 'HAIRLINE REPLACEMENT' Surgery????


Everyone knows that Rob Kardasian's fiancee Blac Chyna had BOOTY ENHANCEMENT surgery. But no one is talking about the OTHER cosmetic surgical procedure that she underwent.

MediaTakeOut.com CONFIRMED that Chyna underwent a hair transplant procedure that is commonly called "hairline replacement surgery."

The surgical hairline advancement/lowering procedure is said to be able to fix an overly high hairline in one single step like no other procedure. The surgery is almost exclusively performed on women, where the high forehead can be shortened by as much as 5cm (2 inches) in a single procedure, that takes only a few hours.

According to plastic surgeons, when the procedure is combined with hair grafting, it is possible to actually change the shape of the hairline. The doctor is able to surgically construct a more oval or rounded hairline by filling in the upper temporal/side regions.

Obviously, Chyna had this procedure.