Wanna Know The REAL REASON . . . Why Rapper LIL WAYNE Was Banned From The MIAMI HEAT Games . . . It's Cause Of CHRIS BOSH'S WIFE!! (ALLEGEDLY)


Remember a couple of years ago, when rapper Lil Wayne was BANNED from all Miami Heat Basketball games? And when the NBA tried to ban him from all games - and the ALL STAR GAME? Well according to a blog, @spillth3sugar, it was Chris Bosh's wife Adrienne that got him banned.

We have no idea whether this tea is TRUE or NOT, but it does seem to have a ring of truth to it

Let's go to the best place we can go THE BEGINNING. So during the early times of Yung Money/Cash Money, Lil Wayne was out touring and his name was really starting to ring bells. Everyone was already used to seeing him in Cash Money but now he is becoming a known solo artist

He runs into this groupie, a very pretty red-bone (the way wayne likes them ) namec Adrienne. Wayne and Adrienne start to kick it and they talk a lot they go out on a couple of dates and then one day she informs Wayne that the Dr's told her she has Cancer. Wayne at this point really likes Adrienne and has general feelings for her as a person.

So allegedly he gave her anywhere between 7-12 thousand dollars for her treatments. Now from what i was told Adrienne pulled the "no I would feel guilty taking the money from you because i do not know how I would ever pay you back" line.

Wayne says, "He just wants her to get better and gives her money for her treatments." Now months go by and Adrienne disappears.

Wayne is calling she isn't answering. He is chirping her on the Nextel, but she isn't answering. So he decides to start asking around and some people that know her are like, "Man you fell for that? That girl ain't got no Cancer." Some people said, "She probably used that to go get a new ass because she was always talking about getting a new booty and to step her game up in the modeling field or to find her a big baller."

So what happens is Adrienne meets Chris Bosh when he comes to Miami. She ends up getting with him and eventually marrying him.

So after years of avoiding Wayne, he now is hanging out in the locker rooms before the game kicking it with Lebron, and D Wade and Adonis Haslem. So one of his people ask him, "Isn't that the b..h you used to hit?"

Wayne sees Adrienne and says "yeah fuck her" and Wayne keeps it moving and goes and takes his seat.

Now Adrienne sees Lil Wayne and starts to think "Oh no! My past is going to come out," but Wayne did not say anything to her.

Allegedly she told Bosh that she did not feel comfortable with Lil Wayne at the games. She feels threatened by him because they had a past "Business relationship" that did not end well and he was looking at her funny and making threatening gestures and She can't come to the games anymore because she feels threatened.

So Bosh says " nah f .. that he ain't gonna be making you feel uncomfortable, so he goes to the Owner Mickey Arison and VP Pat Riley and tell them the situation and they have Lil Wayne banned from AA Arenas.

They then notify the NBA that "Lil Wayne is threatening one of the Miami Heat's wives so the NBA then has Lil Wayne Banned from all of the Arena's and he never said One Word to Adrienne Bosh.

He was banned from All star weekend, he was suppose to Perform and was also pulled. He did not find out he was Banned By The Nba until her was given a phone cal by NBA commissioner at that time David Stern and was told "it would be in everybody's best interest if he just did not attend any games"

Wayne was shocked he spends over a million dollars a year of his own Money to come to these games.

That is what led to Wayne saying on stage "fuck the NBA Fuck the Miami Heat fuck Lebron (which he later apologized) and I fucked Chris Bosh Wfe".

Bosh Lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to Lil Wayne forbidden him to Mention Adrienne's name in public. Nowadays he will simply say " No comment" to any questions asked about Adrienne Bosh.