Wale Speaks On Label Issues: I'm Blackballed To Death!!

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Wale hopped on Twitter to address his label issues -- the rapper confirms that he is being "blackballed to death."

"My managers do the bare minimum," Wale said in a series of tweets. "Labels been lying about the support of black artist and music.. but u know i don't know how to convey my thoughts without certain people sayin i'm trippin."

A fan responded, saying that Joe Budden was right. Many a time, Budden has stated that he believes that Wale is being held back by his label and not being fully supported as an artist.

"Yeah he was was right but that's only half of it.. I'm blackballed to death. But won't go there," Wale tweeted.

For years Wale has claimed that he has had to fight for recognition and that not only his label, but the media have intentionally avoided promoting him and his music.

He recently dropped The Imperfect Storm. Check it out below.