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Wale Explains Why He Left Roc Nation

Wale shared why he walked away from Roc Nation.

He gave the details during an interview with Drink Champs.

 I was in the Hov cycle for a long time. There was a time that I was on tour with J. Cole. At the time, I was opening for him. They said it was a co-headlining tour, but whatever, I was opening for him, and it was an elaborate stage and this that and the third. And somebody in my circle told me, 'You're losing 5 grand every time you get on stage. Not only are you're not breaking even, you're losing money.' Me, at that point in my life, I forget what city we was in but I was on the bus and I got an offer to do a tour with two other artists," he said.

"And I wanted to go with Cole because that's my brother and we just did the Hov tour. So, we was on the road, and I remembered I heard I was losing. I heard that from someone who was close to the joint. The shows is sold out and again, I'm a young n-gga, I couldn't make sense of it and this was when The Gifted was out and it went No. 2 or No. 1 on Billboard. I couldn't understand it," he continued.


"I could literally be hosting clubs and making this a night. I just had a meltdown for real and I remember whatever city I was in, there were three days left and I just quit the tour. I just quit."