Wale Disses J. Cole's Protest Efforts

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J. Cole has received a lot of praise for being one of the first celebs to take to the streets in protest of the murder of George Floyd -- but Wale isn't buying it.

He hopped on Twitter to throw a jab J. Cole's way.

"I'm sick of a lot of u acting like y'all messiah was the only one outside suck my d*ck," he wrote in response to a tweet from a follower praising both rappers.

He quickly deleted the tweet.

The protest took place in Fayetteville and was organized by Rakeem Jones, who made headlines after he was punched in the face at a Trump rally. 

Cole has often spoken out about police brutality in his music. In his 2012 track "Jermaine's Interlude," he raps:

"And rhyming like I rhymed way back when I played the violin. Thought that sh*t wasn't cool, momma sorry, I just stopped tryin' it/ Paid for your house in hopes they'll be no more reason for cryin'. That shows you how stupid I am, cause n*ggas is out here dyin', from police that flash the siren then pull up and just start firin'. N*ggas murking each other in murky water, I try and swim."