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Waka Flocka was just on Marriage Bootcamp with his wife Tammy, where he promised to never cheat on her again. Well, it looks like he may have already gone back on his word.

Yesterday a Blonde woman posted images on social media, that strongly suggested that she and Tammy's hip hop husband were "creeping" together.

In the pic, the pretty blonde is seen with Waka, and they both seem to be very happy together.

Here is the FIRST IMAGE

Then in the second pic, she showed a photo of the home where Waka is staying. She also posted a caption suggesting that the two may have hooked up inside the mansion.

Here is the SECOND PIC

The photo was taken while Waka is on vacation in Cabo, Mexico. His wife Tammy was on vacation with him earlier this week. But according to her social media pages - Tammy's now in Las Vegas,

It's not clear when the Blonde's pics were taken.

What's most interesting about this whole situation is that Waka and Tammy shared publicly their marriage ceremony in Mexico back in January. After being lawfully wedded back in 2014, Waka and wife Tammy tied the knot in an official wedding ceremony at the beginning of the year.

On Jan. 19 the couple invited family and friends to gather at the Generations Riviera Maya resort in Cancun for the special event. Programs for the ceremony have surfaced and reveal a heartwarming declaration.

"We have shared the joys, blessing and challenges of being together for five years," it reads, surrounded by pictures of the couple. "On January 19, 2019, we will reaffirm our commitment to each other, ensuring that our marriage flourishes for years to come. Our trust, understanding and commitment to each other will continue to increase our love and heighten our happiness in being together...forever."

Will Tammy take him back?