Waka Flocka CAUGHT Cheating On Wife Tammy . . . Side Chick SPEAKS!!!

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Waka Flocka has been caught cheating on his wife Tammy again, according to a new report. A woman has come forward claiming that she met and slept with Waka last month - a few days after his wife Love & Hip Hop's Tammy Rivera's birthday.

The woman, who works as a dancer, gave an interview online. She claims thats she met Waka at The Grand Sierra Resort in Reno Nevada, and the two hit it off.

The woman has receipts too. She released the fan pic that she took when the two met - outside a club where Waka made an appearance. She also released a pic from outside of Waka's alleged hotel room -  on a level of the hotel reserved for a higher paying customers and is only accessible by a card.
The dancer claims that the two met and chopped it up outside the club, They exchanged info, and they met later in the night - in Waka's room. When she arrived in the room - which Waka rented specifically to have s*x with her, the two talked a bit and Waka asked for s*x.

The dancer knew that Waka was married, but says that he didn't mention Tammy and his social media did not show pics of her. So she claims that she went ahead and slept with him. 

After they finished, Waka wanted her to "clean" the room. Waka wanted to make sure that when she checked out, there was no evidence that s*x happened in the room. The stripper agreed - but then she video'd herself looking for condom wrappers, and posted it online. The dancer claims that Waka flushed the condom down the toilet.

Then the stripper explained how she started to FINESSE the rapper. The stripper's friend put PRESSURE on Waka - and got him to pay for her car to be fixed. The friend allegedly threatened to expose Waka to his wife, when he initially refused the extortion plot. Eventually he paid to have the girls car fixed

Here is the full video of the interview: