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WAKANDA FOREVER!!! Man Marries TWO Women . . . When They Say ‘KISS THE BRIDE’ . . . They Did A THREE-WAY-KISS!! (PICS)


A Nigerian man decided to marry two women – AT THE SAME TIME.
The man, named Master Ejindu became an online sensation after his wedding pics were shared online. In Nigeria, a man is allowed to marry UP TO four women at a time.

Master tied the knot to his lovely ladies; Miss Oyediya and Miss Ebere on Sunday 25th February 2018 at Agbala Amangwu Amogudu in Abiriba, Abia State.

As time goes on, we are seeing more and more non-traditional unions being accepted and celebrated.

TLC’s Sister Wives have pushed polygamous relationships right into the mainstream here in the United States. Families are becoming more and more willing to put a spotlight into their homes to give people and the government some real insight and realize that the lives that they have chosen are nothing to fear and should not be illegal here. They also have a new show called Seeking Sister Wife, in which polygamous couple have allowed cameras in to shed light on their dating and recruitment process when adding on to their family.

If a man can legally marry his sex dolls or even his animals, then why shouldn’t be able to take more than one wife. Polygamous marriages tend to have very strict rules and boundaries and are actually a lot of hard work to maintain.

But these three look happy enough!

Congratulations to them.