Reality star Tammy Rivera revealed some of her own marital tea yesterday on social media. The beautiful wife to rapper Waka Flocka suggested to her followers through a tweet that she and husband are SWINGERS!!

Swinging, or opening up a marriage to other lovers, is becoming a growing alternative to divorce for those currently in a traditional marriage - especially among celebrities.

There was a time when swingers used to hide their lifestyle for fear of being judged by others. But nowadays, it seems like being a swinger is not only becoming a more common choice among married couples, but in some groups - a badge of honor.

Yesterday, a woman on Twitter asked whether her followers "really wanna get married and have sex with the same person for the rest of your life."

The tweet was re-tweeted by Hollywood Unlocked, and tons of celebs gave their take on the question. 

R&B singer Brittany B responded that she would want to be involved in a monogamous marriage, as long as she could "add a few plus 1s to the party every now and then." Meaning that she wants to experiment with other lovers during her future marriage.

Immediately afterwards Waka Flocka's wife chimed in - and she co-signed Brittany's 'open marriage' plans. Tammy wrote about Brittany's swinger comment with, "I approve this message."



“On ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ they only give you a good 15 seconds to show who you are in a relationship, and we’re in a different space at the time,” says Waka, born Juaquin James Malphurs. “It was rushed and people formed an opinion. And of course, through all of our turmoil, we have been pretty much open about our lives. You’ve been on this roller coaster with us all the time, so this is it.”

Waka and Rivera, both 32, first met in 2011 in Miami, where he had a club performance and Rivera was on vacation with her girlfriends. “It was a regular typical South Beach s–t walking around at night with all your friends just having fun,” he says.

“[Rivera] was wearing a peppermint dress [and] she was looking so good. It was just her energy and her look.”