Waka Flocka's Wife TAMMY Just Got A New SURGERY . . . Her Body Is Now . . . CRAZY!!!

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Rapper Waka Flocka's reality star wife Tammy was always THICK — but after her latest surgery, her body is CRAZY. Tammy recently came back from a trip to her surgeon in Colombia, with a lot of EXTRA curves.

The beautiful Tammy showed off her figure in a pair of EXTRA TIGHT Fashionova jeans. And we were SHOCKED at how exaggerated her shape is now.

As you can imagine. People are LOVING IT on social media.

Here's the video:

Waka and Tammy both recently sat down with RollingOut and they discussed Waka's past "mistakes" in their marriage.

By the couple’s second season on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” some of Waka’s mistakes had come to light and audiences watched as a tearful Rivera decided to separate from her husband.

The separation took Waka by surprise, as he hadn’t expected Rivera to actually move out of their home and take their daughter with her. He said he was blindsided by being cut off completely.

“I was messed up,” he admitted. “I hated knowing that I hurt her, but when she cut me off completely, I was sick. At first, I thought we’d still talk and things would eventually go back to normal but she was serious. I realized I’d lost my best friend and that’s what killed me. I could live without her being my girl but I couldn’t live without my best friend. I would show up at shows right before it was time to perform, go onstage, perform and leave right after. I wasn’t hanging out, partying, anything. I was miserable.”