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Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera recently sat down for an interview where the rapper revealed that he does not believe in prenups and did not make his wife sign one.

 "You know what that is? Love don't stand on the same pedestal as money, and money could never stand on the same pedestal as love," he told Dish Nation. "If you love a person, it shouldn't be money. It shouldn't be sick, it shouldn't be fat, it shouldn't be no color, no shape, nothing. Now, for me, if I marry you and I'm this rich guy, you rich, too."

"But, I'm supposed to be the man that makes your spirit rich. That's what's wrong with couples. People look at the money and don't pay attention to the spirit," he continued. "That's a big difference. 'Cause I can make my wife's spirit so rich to the point where she'll be richer than me financially."

Check out the clip below.