Waka Flocka Caught CHEATING On Wife Tammy . . . With Chief Keef BABY MAMA!!

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Waka Flocka and his reality star wife Tammy have had marriage issues before. Tammy caught her husband cheating a BUNCH of times. But recently Waka seemed to be a changed man.

Well he's supposedly STILL cheating on Tammy - this time with rapper Chief Keef's baby mama Slim Danger.

Slim Danger has been making her rounds with the many men of hip hop. 

Slim Danger is the same girl who performed or*l s*x on Keef's rival Tekashi 6ix9ine. Slim decided to sleep with her babys father's NUMBER ONE ENEMY - because he bought her a Gucci fanny pack.

Well now she decided to use her "skills" on other rappers. She disclosed to the world on social media, that she gave the married rapper, Waka FLocka, UNLIMITED USE OF HER THROAT for one evening.

Here's her spilling the tea:


Posting to her Instagram story, Keef's baby mama stood next to Waka Flocka and made some boisterous claims, especially considering Waka is a married man. 

While it's unclear when the incident took place, Danger wrote, "His wife hated me for s-cking him off in first class." Without going into details, she was pretty explicit about what went down and, for good reason, Tammy Rivera must not have been happy. Who knows if what Slim Danger is saying actually happened but at this point, but regardless her trying to claw her way to some form of relevance is almost admirable. 

Reports and social media say that, Waka or Tammy haven’t given Slim any kind of acknowledgement or response. There are others on social media that feel she’s just seeking attention, and are convinced nothing ever happened as she described.

This isn’t the first time someone accused Waka of inappropriate behavior this year.

Earlier, Waka was accused by a college student in Fayetteville, Arkansas of sleeping with her while on a tour stop at her college.

Tammy and Waka also separated at one point due to Waka being unfaithful.