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Wack 100 Claims He Has 'PROOF' That BMF Bleu Davinci Didn't Snitch

Wack 100 came to BMF rapper Bleu Davinci's defense by posting paperwork proving that he did not snitch.

"Fifteen people were indicted in Atlanta last year along with Daniels, but he was the only one to go to trial. Eleven of his co-defendants, including the rapper Barima 'Bleu DaVinci' McKnight, entered guilty pleas days before the trial began. McKnight was the only co-defendant who didn't sign a cooperation agreement. Another four of Daniels' co-defendants remain fugitives," the paperwork reads.

Wack captioned the post, "Documentation beats conversation. Don't ask me bout @bleudavinci you can read bout em yourself — OH it was some foul balls being threw but #BleauDavinchi dam sure wasn't the pitcher 'MCKNIGHT WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT DID NOT SIGN A COOPERATION AGREEMENT' Naw wasn't him ! NOW GO PLAY THE LOTTERY & TALK ABOUT THOSE OTHER 10 WHO SIGNED THE AGREEMENTS!"

According to sources, Bleu was going to snitch but he did not provide the DA with any new information they could use.

After Bleu posted a video threatening 50 Cent, he was labeled a snitch. Does this prove he didn't talk?