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Wack 100 trended online yesterday following reports that Nipsey Hussle's former bodyguard beat him to a pulp for his seemingly disrespectful remarks about Nipsey not being a legend.

"I got $100,000 for anybody that can produce a video of Wack's body ever touching the concrete. On Piru run it today," Wack wrote on a post on Instagram.

Wack is denying that J Roc ever put hands on him despite video evidence post-fight, which appears to show Wack being held back as he searches for his attacker.

"You motherf*ckers stop texting me and dming me talking about am I good, I dunno what the f*ck the internet talking about," he said a social media post. 

"But whatever hoe ass n*gga gotta lie and say he knocked me out, or dropped me, or did any of that to me? Whoever that n*gga is... Listen n*gga, I'm Wack 100. We in the back of Rolling Loud, there's 300 cameras my n*gga. If that's the way you gotta get to what's cool n*gga, I'll tell you come out and play. All I seen? I seen a n*gga swing and run."