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Wack 100 took aim at T.I. in a blistering Instagram post, comparing him to Tekashi 6ix9ine and his infamous snitching ways.

"BEFORE THERE WAS A 69 there was a TI-#ALEGEND @troubleman31 YOU GOT MY LINE.... IM NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH MIND YA BIDNESS .... WACK GIVES NO F*CKS I AM NOT A RAPPER #YA65395 #J49170 #West👆🏾ONLY LEGENDS GET 12 MONTHS FOR 5000 pills and 25 CHOPPAS ——— NOW BLOG THAT," he wrote alongside a video of Tip.

Back in 2007, Tip was arrested in Atlanta after he allegedly attempted to purchase several machine guns and two silencers. After searching both his vehicles and his home, the cops found several more loaded weapons. T.I. later pleaded guilty in his gun case and was behind bars for a year, but some have always speculated about Tip's sentence being so short, and believe he cooperated with the Feds to get out of prison early.

Wack is in his feelings after T.I. responded to his recent interview where he said that Nipsey Hussle was not a legend.

"This sh*t say Nipsey all over it...Record sales and #1 hits ain’t the only barometer for legendary status. IMPACT is what’s important. Although his notoriety DID grow exponentially more after his demise... his impact is undeniable," T.I. wrote.

But Wack is not happy about it.