Wack 100, manager of rapper's The Game and Blueface has once again called out rapper YG over his gang ties - accusing him of faking the funk!

"One thing I respect is this - Blueface came into this rap game Crip'n. The Game came into it Piru'n - Mozzy came into it Blood'n - some of you n*ggas was wearing skinny jeans and dancing without a gang slogan coming out ya mouth until you got enough money to buy you a set," he wrote.

YG caught wind of his comments and replied: "You shoulda @'d me big gangsta og piru god father," but Wack responded to YG's remarks, stating that he did @ him - on his own page.

We don't know what's going to happen next, but from the looks of it, Wack 100 may well have some receipts to back up his claims. YG's entire career is intrinsically linked to his gang ties - if he's not truly a Blood, then what's left?

Do y'all think YG is for real or nah?