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Vlad From VladTV: I Pulled Up On Joe Budden; He Didn't Want No Smoke w/ Me!!

DJ Vlad from the hip hop channel Vlad TV gave an interview earlier this week, where he claimed that he had a run in with fellow podcaster Joe Budden and Joe "didn't want any smoke." MTO News was not able to independently verify Vlad's story however.


According to Vlad, Joe has been upset with him for years -  over a video Vlad produced more than a decade ago. He told the No Jumper podcast that Joe had said to mutual friends that if he ever runs into the video creator, Joe Budden will physically harm him.

But Vlad has not been hiding out. Less than 6 months ago, the two ran into each other in New York City. And get this, Vlad claims that he actually pulled up on Joe Budden.

Vlad, a 47 year old podcaster, explained, "We were at a NYC strip club and I ran into Joe." The videographer continued, "I just waited there to see what would happen ... I was right in front of him."

But Vlad wasn't alone - he was with his security guard and Vlad claims his security guard is official. He told the podcaster, "[My security guard] killed someone with his bare hands."

It's not clear whether Joe was afraid of Vlad's crew, or whether he's no longer interested in any conflict - but he reportedly hid in his car until Vlad left.

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