Vivica A. Fox Is NOT In Love With 50 Cent


Vivica A. Fox does not want her ex 50 Cent back, despite the rapper claiming that she is still in love with him, after slamming him for his "exotic" women remarks.

“👀Vivica still in love with me, i dated her for 4 months 😳17 years ago and she’s still angry with me. I’m starting to feel like my 🍆is serious. LOL 😆#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi,” 50 wrote in the caption for the video which has since been deleted.

"Vivica is not in love with 50 Cent, but she'll always have love for 50 Cent. Which is why his statements hit a nerve," a friend of Fox's told Hollywood Life.

"Vivica is a very rational and down to earth woman who knows how to handle herself and Curtis was the love of her life. She loved being with him and she knows the difference between 50 and Curtis. She's seen both," a different source told the outlet.

Fif upset Black women across the globe when he labeled them as "angry" and said he preferred dating "exotic" women.

"She will not let it go any further. She doesn't want to hurt his feelings. She knew he would respond, so she isn't surprised about that. She was just put back a little bit on how he clapped back the way he did, because she doesn't want him back or anything like that. She'll let him have this moment. It's not much of a bother as it looks for her all things considered," the insider adds.