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A woman from Richmond Virginia was badly beaten in a video, and got two black eyes. And worse yet, the video of her beating has gone viral.

LINK TO FIGHT VDEO - contains violence

The incident took place in front of the S & S Fast Mart & Deli on 2201 Jefferson Davis Highway.

Two women, who appeared to know each other, met up in the Deli parking lot - and decided to square off for a fair one!

But as soon as the two ladies started scrapping, it was clear that one of the ladies was overmatched. The stronger of the ladies took down the other one, using a wrestling takedown.

Once on the ground, the lady used an MMA "mount" tactic and began punching her rival in the face. And the result of the punches was brutal - as you'll see in the video.

LINK TO FIGHT VDEO - contains violence

MTO News reached out to police in Richmond, VA, so far we have not received a response.