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Virginia Woman DIES Hours After Getting COVID Vaccine!! (' Her Lungs Exploded')

Rev. Drene Keyes, of Virginia, died hours after receiving her first dose of the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccine - and MTO News has learned that her family is questioning the safety of the drug.


The 58-year-old, "gifted grandmother of six" was considered "high-risk" for having a severe case of Covid-19. The beautiful Drena had multiple preexisting conditions including diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

Drena's daughter, Lisa Jones, told local tv station WKTR that her mom's job "made her eligible for the vaccine" and so the grandmother took the vaccine hoping to lessen her symptoms if she contracted the coronavirus.

That was a big mistake for her.


A co-worker accompanied Drena to the medical facility where she got the injection on Saturday. Drena waited the mandatory 15-minute observation period before heading to her car in the parking lot.

Her co-worker said she was getting into her car when she suddenly said, "Something is not right. Something's not right."

Keyes had difficulty breathing and began vomiting. Her lungs filled with fluids, and eventually they got so inflated that doctors believe the grandmother's lungs "exploded."

She was rushed to VCU Tappahannock Hospital, where doctors administered Epipen (epinephrine for anaphylaxis), CPR and oxygen. Doctors suspect she had an acute allergic reaction to the drug.


"They tried to remove fluid from her lungs. They called it 'flash pulmonary edema,' and doctors told me that it can be caused by anaphylaxis," said Jones (pictured right). "The doctor told me that often during anaphylaxis, chemicals are released inside of a person's body and can cause this to happen."