Designer, Virgil Abloh has responded to allegations that he plagiarized some of his designs.

The New Yorker recently sat down with Abloh to do a profile on him, he discussed Diet Prada, a page dedicated to highlighting plagiarism in the fashion industry and have included some of Abloh's designs.

“All props to them, that’s a great concept.”

The designer claims the accusations against him are “basically the use of a yellow fabric with a pattern on it.” He flippantly added, “Ring the alarm!”

“I could go on for a whole hour about the human condition and the magnet that is negativity,” he continued. 

“That’s why the world is actually like it is. That’s why good doesn’t prevail, because there’s more negative energy. You can create more connective tissue around the idea that this is plagiarized. It’s better just to sit and point your finger. That’s what social media can be. All that space to comment breeds a tendency to fester, versus actually making something.” He went on, “It allows you to package up this thing as: ‘You’re not a designer. Close the book. Because, designers, you should be from Belgium.’”