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VIRAL WEDDING: Bride Gives Groom LAPDANCE . . . While Bridesmaids Have Twerk OFF!!

There's a crazy video going around social media, which purports to show a bride giving her husband a lap dance, during the wedding reception, MTO News has learned.

According to social media reports, the wedding took place in Miami, and the bride is a well known Instagram model.

Word on the street (AKA Twitter) is that the bride wanted to do something "memorable" during her wedding, so she changed out of her traditional wedding dress into a more scandalous outfit.

Then the bride proceeded to give her husband a lapdance.

And MTO News confirmed that the bridesmaids got in on the fun too. While the newlyweds were grinding in the middle of the dance floor - the bridesmaids twerked in unison.

Here's video of the bizarre wedding reception:

And it wouldn't be a ratchet wedding without at least one of the City Girls in attendance. MTO News has learned that JT from the City Girls was one of the twerking bridesmaids.