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Violence broke out on the set of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood last night, and one of the cast members was BRUTALLY SLAPPED on camera.

A1 Bentley PIMP SLAPPED fellow cast member Mister Ray. And the slap knocked Mister Ray off his feet.

The drama kicked off yesterday when cast member A1 Bentley's alleged side chick, Summer Bunni, exposed some of his old thirsty texts messages on Instagram. A1 Bentley's wife recently filed for divorce, after learning about Summer's cheating accusations.

A few hours later, A1 met up with Summer, and her friend Mister Ray - to film a scene. Things went left and A1 Bentley "pimp slapped" Mister Ray. The slap we're told was so hard that it "sounded like a gunshot." And it knocked Mister Ray to the ground.

Here's video showing the aftermath of A1 Bentley's "Pimp Slap."

In case you're wondering who's who - here's A1 Bentley:


And here is Mister Ray:


Mister Ray has reported the incident to police, and he is calling it an "assault." Here's what he said on social media shortly after the altercation:


This is the second time that Mister Ray was physically assaulted while filming Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Two seasons ago, during the reunion special, Zell Swagg (another cast member) beat Mister Ray - and that beating drew blood.