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Actress Viola Davis is coming under fire  by member so the Black community - for promoting her new movie - where she has a love scene with actor Liam Niesen.

Viola has been criticized in the past for saying that Hollywood needs MORE interracial couples in movies. This weekend she explained WHY she felt the need for more such movies.

According to Viola, she feels that movies should show more White "hunks" with regular Black women - like herself. Viola believes that it sends a positive message to viewers.

Here's the moving interview:

Of course not everyone agrees with Viola. She's trending online, with some people calling Viola a "b*dwench."

Viola Davis is currently married to an African American man, Julian Tennon.

This isn't the first time Viola has expressed these views publicly, back in October the award winning actress said at a screening that:

"I don’t care how much people say they’re committed to inclusivity — they’re not committed to [showing an interracial couple in that way]," Davis told the audience at the screening. "[In the opening shot of the film, you] have a dark-skinned woman with a big nose and wide lips and all of that and her natural hair kissing, romantically kissing, a white man onscreen."

Davis shared kind words for 12 Years A Slave director McQueen.

"Steve [McQueen] saw me as this woman," Davis told the crowd of the Widows director, before adding: "I migrate toward people who actually see me. I actually do have a vagina."