Viola Davis has slammed the allegations that a studio executive allegedly who wanted Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman back in 1995.

“Here’s the thing, simply put: Julia Roberts as Harriet Tubman is ridiculous,” she told Madame Noire. “That barely warrants a response. That’s ridiculous. I understand that the film industry very much is about commerce and money, I get it.”

“Why is it that you are not armed with enough information and why you don’t see it as important to cast a Black woman as Harriet Tubman?” Davis asked. “You can go through the history books and see that Harriet Tubman was a Black woman. Julia Roberts in a head rag running through the woods, is just not going to work! It’s just not going to work. It’s ridiculous.”

 Last week Gregory Allen Howard, the screenwriter of the Hollywood movie Harriet, revealed that a studio executive once wanted Roberts to play the revered abolitionist.

“Fortunately, there was a single Black person in that studio meeting 25 years ago who told him that Harriet Tubman was a Black woman,” Howard wrote in the Los Angeles Times op-ed.