VIOLA DAVIS: Black Actresses Don't Have Enough Love Scenes With White Men!!

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Viola Davis believes that Hollywood should make more movies that feature interracial relationships - especially the ones with Black women and White men.

Viola is making news, after telling an interviewer recently that she does not believe that Hollywood values interracial relationships enough.

Here's her exact quote:

[I was] a dark-skinned woman of colour, at 53 years old, kissing Liam Neeson. Not just kissing a white man, Liam Neeson, a hunk. And kissing him sexually, romantically‚Ķ  why isn't it happening more?"

Viola believes that Hollywood should remove the stigma on White man-Black woman relationships, and promote interracial relationships more in films.

And she's getting support from her fans. Viola's quote has been re-tweeted more than 5,000 times already. Mostly from women supporting her position.