Last night's A Double Shot at Love reunion special, was full of surprises.

Vinny and Alysse, who chose each other on the finale, have split. And they split almost as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

The former couple saw each other for the first time since filming on the dating series wrapped, and made the announcement. 

The reunion host Justina Valentine initially complimented the couple, saying that Alysse "looked like she was ready for a wedding in all white." But it soon became clear that she won't be walking down the aisle with Vinny - ever.

"We did talk for a few weeks, and it was great," Alysse explained "And then it just kind of faded away. He just stopped trying."

"It's honestly hard to look at him," Alysse told the audience.

Vinny appeared surprised by Alysse's comments and told the audience that he had no idea  that she felt this way about their relationship. It's clear that he didn't take it very seriously.

"I thought I was going to see her, and she was going to be like, 'Yo, what's up!'" Vinny explained. "I had no idea she felt like this."

The former lovers inauthentically told the audience that what their relationship was "real" but that the distance ruined what they had.

"If you can't see somebody or even hang out with them, it's hard to do," Vinny concluded, while Alysse teared up.

Here's Vinny explaining it on Instagram last night: