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Rapper Vince Staples is finally off probation, and he hopped onto Twitter to share the news with his fans.

“We finally off probation and on the way to getting the whole shabang expunged let the record reflect I’m finna be jetsetting R.I.P. Anthony Courdain!” he tweeted.

“I ain’t been this excited since my dad put rims on the Maxima right after we beat the Mission Viejo Cowboys. Stay out the system Black people! Thank you’s to Meek Mill my Mama and the Crips for the motivation to escape,” he added. 

“Shoutout Aja Mann for squabbling up this charge for the last few years you my Johnny Cochran I love you shoutout to the Compton Sherrif[sic] who made me & the homie play Rock Paper Scissors to see who was gon take the case I love you 2 even though you illegally searched and seized.”

Following the announcement, he then posted some more tour dates to Instagram:

Congratulations, Vince!