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Vince Hebert Being ACCUSED OF SCAMMING . . . Remy Ma & Lady Gaga Dragged Into His DRAMA!


Tamar Braxton may have dropped her husband Vince Hebert at the right time. Vince is in hot water and a judge has subpoenaed Vince's business records. He's also asked for business records from ALL his clients, including Lady Gaga and Remy Ma.

According to court documents, Vince has allegedly been scamming a music company named LDNX - to the tune of $380,000. The company claims they want their money back.

A judge has order Lady Gaga, Vince and Remy Ma to turn over their financial records to see how much Vince is making in royalties and business deals. Vince already owes Sony $3M for an advance they gave him to give him, that never panned out.

No wonder Tamar Braxton flew the coup as fast as she could  And how did Remy even get involved in THIS MESS, Vince was barely even managing her for that long.

People are also saying that Tamar needs to finalize her divorce ASAP because court documents obtained by The Blast "show the “Love and War” singer has been warned that her petition for divorce from her husband of nine years might be scrapped altogether due to inactivity. To move forward, the court said Braxton needs to show proof that Herbert was served divorce papers in order to acquire a default judgement without his involvement."

Braxton filed for divorce from Herbert back in October 2017, but reports claim he has yet to respond to the petition. There’s also no proof that Braxton properly served him with the divorce papers. Their split came amid rumors that Herbert was unfaithful and got another woman pregnant during their marriage.