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Vince And Tamar Are Spotted Out . . . Vince Is Now SKINNIER THAN HIS WIFE!!


Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton were spotted out yesterday - and Vince's weight loss is striking. Vince admitted to having stomach stapling surgery - after suffering from weight related illnesses. And boy has it worked.

The couple - who are in the midst of a divorce - seem to be taking reconciliation to the next level as they were seen grocery shopping together at Ralph's in Calabasas, California.

Tamar filed papers on her husband after she claims that she caught him cheating. According to Tamar, Vince impregnated his side chick - and she found out.

But Tamar's not completely innocent herself. There have been rumors that Tamar is seeing a very wealthy former STREET DUDE in Los Angeles behind Vince's back.


Tamar has been posting a lot of photos to social media with Vince in them. Most recently the pair celebrated their child's birthday as a family. 

Curious fans had a lot of questions for the reality stars: 

‘Is the rest of the season gone play or what is it? It just stopped showing,’ one of her fans asked, being a bit confused.

‘Sometimes that’s just what you need! As you said, NOBODY wins when the family feuds! Sometimes no exposure is the best cause people be praying for your downfall. Time to live unapologetically,’ someone else noted.

‘I think she’s saying it’s not for their show and no caption needed the fact that everyone is together shows the power of family for the benefit of a 5-year-olds birthday! Marriages have issues, some worse than others but when there are children involved… THIS!’ one other fan believes.