As the storylines on 90 Day Fiance continue to heat up, viewers were left reeling after Angela Deem revealed that she is trying to get pregnant and "tote" the baby herself - despite being over 50.

On Sunday night's episode of the show, Angela, 52, and Michael sat down with Michael's mother to explain that they were looking into having a child. Angela was mortified when Michael's mother informed her that in Nigeria if a wife cannot get pregnant, the man is allowed to take on another wife or a "side chick" to have a baby with.

"If I can't have a baby, you would have sex with another woman?" Angela asks Michael.

Michael then responded: "That's what people in Nigeria do," but Angela put her foot down, yelling back "If you ever think that I would let you f*ck another b*tch, you got the wrong f*cking one."

Viewers are not convinced that Angela can have a baby at her age - and with all that smoking she does which Michael hates so much.