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Lindsay Lohan's recent episode of her MTV reality television show has some viewers questioning whether or not the former child actor was high during her heated exchange with a now-former employee.

'Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club' star Kailah Casillas has accused her former boss of being "far from sober" during the filming of the show, a claim which Lohan vehemently denies.

But in the clip below, fans are speculating about whether she was a lil' lit:

n the show, Lohan often reflects on her past with addiction but promotes clean living and wellness whenever she gets the opportunity but some folks just aint buying it!

Here are some reactions to Lohan's seemingly odd behavior:

"I meannnnnnnn she does look druggy"

"She was correct about that last shot 🤣"

"She looks coked out"

"Is Lindsay Lohan always on drugs or....? #LohanBeachClub"

"Lmfao she’s literally on so many drugs and has been for years that she’s turned delusional and unaware w reality i swear"

Do you believe that Lindsay is still clean?