Viewers of VH1 show Basketball Wives are petitioning to have Evelyn Lozada booted from the show after she referred to Asian cast member Cece Gutierrez as "Lee Lee."

During a recent episode, the pair aired each other out, before trading insults.

Cece referred to Evelyn as "Evil-yn," before Evelyn responded:

"I have a problem with you Lee Lee."

That crossed the line for some viewers, and the petition is now underway:

"This Racial Comment “SLUR” is unacceptable, especially from a show with a majority female and minority cast. Regardless of being black, white, skinny, fat, diabetic, gay, lesbian, transgender, ASIAN… It’s unacceptable to make fun of someone because of these things, and Ms.Lozada has done this on multiple occasions throughout the shows run time. The viewers of VH1’s Basketball Wives demand Ms.Lozada be terminated from employment indefinitely… by the Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal or The Other VH1 Underlying Personnel," the petition reads.

The creators of the petition are not here for any of her apologies. Click here to check out the petition in full.