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VIDEO: Woman Takes SH*T Inside Coffee Shop . . . Angrily Throws Feces At BARISTA!!!


MTO News obtained a very disturbing video- taken from a surveillance camera inside a Tim Horton's coffee shop in Canada. The video showed an angry customer doing the unthinkable - and assaulting a Barista.

But despite the customer's despicable acts - the police did NOT appear to be called on her.

The video starts out with the customer - who appeared to be a middle aged woman - arguing with one of the male Barista's. At one point, the woman stops arguing, and pulls down her pants. 


The Barista approaches the woman, then immediately the startled Barista walked away from the woman. 

She then does the unthinkable, grabs napkins and hurls her own feces behind the register. She also has time to grab more napkins, wipe herself and throw those behind the counter, too. The woman then hightails it out of the coffee shop. It's not clear whether the feces hit the barista, or whether he managed to weave the flying turd.

Here is the link to the video - warning graphic

The woman as if nothing happened, just walked over to the napkin area, and she cleaned herself up - and calmly walked out.

The website Deadspin also saw the video and they noticed something else:

What’s particularly baffling, aside from the obvious, is the other customers who don’t really react to what’s happening. Maybe that’s because the tasteful barrier has censored most of it, or maybe it’s because there’s really nothing to do when a human decides to take a spiteful shit and fling it.