VIDEO: Woman SHOT AND KILLED On Livestream . . . While Trying To Film A FIGHT!!

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Every day a different fight video goes viral - and every day - the person filming the video potentially puts their life on the live to record it. Yesterday, things went horribly wrong.

MTO News obtained a video of a woman attempting to LIVESTREAM a fight - which quickly turned into a gun battle.

The video was shot in a violent ridden area outside of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. An argument broke out between two groups of men at a gas station. And words  quickly turned to fists, and fists turned to bullets.

According to reports:

The 22-year-old was using her phone to record the encounter in Santana de Cataguases, in southeast Brazil, when the man she is arguing with and whom she refers to as Juliano allegedly lifts his T-shirt. He pulls a gun from his waistband and fires at point-blank range.

According to local paper Midia Mineira, the argument apparently started because the victim was accused by her neighbor of gossiping about him.

When the men started shooting, everyone ducked for cover. But one woman decided that she wanted to CAPTURE the footage on video. The woman hid behind a counter for cover, and started filming the action - for LIVESTREAM.

What she didn't realize, is that the counter did not provide suffcient cover. And she was SHOT while trying to capture the footage.

According to local reports, the woman filming later DIED from her injuries.

Be careful while filming.