Rapper WEBBIE has been caught on tape allegedly beating his baby's mother with a belt.

MTO News obtained some very graphic audio - which we're told shows “Webbie”, whose real name is Webster Gradney, Jr., beating his ex-girlfriend with a belt. We warn you the audio is VERY graphic and may trigger TRAUMATIC MEMORIES in abuse survivors.

In the audio - which is more than a year old - you can hear the voice that sounds just like the 31 year old rapper. The man in the video is viciously beating a woman with a belt.

Webbie was arrested last year and charged with beating his ex-girlfriend with a belt. Police charged the rapper with beating his girlfriend and holding her captive at a Comfort Inn in Baton Rouge, LA. 

At the time, Webbie’s 25 year old girlfriend told police that the rapper was on a 2 day cocaine and marijuana binge and had not been to sleep in days.

Special victims police visited Webbie's girlfriend and noted that she had welts on her legs and back from being beaten with a belt. 

The officers also claim that Webbie fractured her nose and pinned her to the floor, pushing his knees into her throat so she couldn’t breathe.

Two months ago, Webbie plead guilty for "simple assault" with respect to this incident. He received probation and NO JAIL TIME!!

Here are images of the alleged injuries his GF received, courtesy of TMZ: