VIDEO: Syracuse Frat Made To Take ILLUMINATI Pledge  . . . 'I Promise To Hate N*GGERS, SP*CS And K*KES'

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A group of Syracuse University students have been caught on camera taking a WHITE SUPREMACY ILLUMINATI PLEDGE. The oath pledge was taken by members of the prominent Theta Tau fraternity. Theta Tau alumni are like a WHO'S WHO in American power - they include Congressman, Senators, and Presidents of Fortune 500 companies (including General Motors)

The Syracuse University local paper, The Daily Orange obtained the secret videos which were filmed in Theta Tau’s house. In the video, you see FRAT BROTHERS doing what is mean to be a funny skit on camera.

Then, things get VERY serious. At approximately 3:00 into the video, you see one FRAT brother force another to his knees and asks him to repeat a “secret oath” including racial slurs. The oath, whch sounds like a WHITE SUPREMACY ILLUMINATI OATH goes as follows (at 3:00):

“I solemnly swear to always have hatred in my heart for n*ggers, sp*cs and most importantly the f*ckin’ k*kes."

The videos were posted in a secret Facebook group called “Tau of Theta Tau” by a user named David Yankowy III. David Yankowy was listed as a member of Theta Tau on the Syracuse fraternity chapter’s website before the site was made inaccessible Wednesday afternoon.

And as you can imagine - there is an UPROAR. The local chapter of Theta Tau has been suspended. It's not clear whether any action will be taken against the fraternity NATIONALLY.