Video Surfaces Of Tahiry Admitting To Getting Broken Nose While Fighting An Unnamed Guy!!

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A video has surfaced online of an altercation between Joe Budden and his then-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose -- speaking about a time she once fought a man and suffered a fractured nose.

In the clip, Budden can be seen talking to Tahiry, and off-camera, he explains that she got into a fight with a man and lost. Tahiry says, "that was a coward. It wasn't even a man," after telling Budden that he didn't do anything.

She says she was disrespected and violated and defended herself before the man swung at her and hit her nose.

"That n*gga can suck my d*ck. Imma see you. Don't worry about it..." Budden says, referring to Tahiry's attacker. Tahiry then says something derogatory about her nose, before Budden tells her she looks fine and that her smile is one of the greatest.

The clip was posted online by DJ Vlad -- who Budden actually has issues with.