Video Suggests Atlanta Housewife Kenya . . . May Be FAKING PREGNANCY!!!

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Atlanta Housewife Kenya is coming under fire on social media, and some believe that she may be faking her pregnancy. 

The renewed speculation in Kenya's pregnancy all started yesterday, when Kenya released a pic of her "break dancing" at a party. Kenya is purportedly 7 and a half months pregnant.

Kenya made a lot of very jarring moves on the dance floor that have people talking. It seemed unusual for someone with a high-risk pregnancy (doctors consider all 35+ pregnancies "high risk") to be dancing that way.

But it wasn't just the dance moves that got Kenya talking. Kenya appears to be wearing some type of contraption around her belly. You can see it from her back.


Some are suggesting that Kenya is wearing a false belly - which is secured around her back. Here are pics of one company that makes fake baby bumps. They make the bump in all different skin tones. These bumps must be secured around the woman's back.


Here is the video: