Video Shows Megan Thee Stallion & Steve Harvey Are TWINS!

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A social media account by the name of @mystergiraffe has the entire internet going wild. It posted a clip on Twitter and Instagram which was a mash up between Steve Harvey and Hot Girl Meg’s NPR Tiny Desk performance alongside New York funk and soul band, Phony Ppl.

The Myster Giraffe used video editing software to transpose the longtime comedian and host’s face onto Megan’s with expert seamlessness. 

(See the video above)

Almost as soon as the video was uploaded, the Twitterverse quickly shared their reactions. "Someone used his amazing skills to put Steve Harvey's head on the rap of Meg the Stallion and that is why I love the Internet," wrote one. Another user added: "Whoever edited Steve Harvey's face on the body of Megan Thee Stallion, please come and get your life in prison with hard labor."


"I saw everything and I still don't know what the hell I just saw," someone else joked. Another comment read: "I really want to know how someone ran to put Steve Harvey's face on Megan's body like that. With every reaction at the lmfao point." 

This isn't mystergiraffe's first viral video. A few weeks ago, they created another viral face-swapping video featuring Will Smith's face on Cardi B's body. Will Smith loved the video, and he shared it on his Instagram account.