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B2K, the 2000s boy band, appears to be in yet another scandal. Just a few weeks back the band split up because band member Lil Fizz began a sexual relationship with the lead singer Omarion's babys mother.

Now, band member J Boog is also making headlines and appears to have his own set of personal problems.

His ex-girlfriend recently leaked a video of him where he appears to be tweaking on some type of drug.

In the video, J Boog can be seen sleeping, while standing up - with drool coming from his mouth.

Many online are speculating that the singer may have been high on some type of opioid. And given the fact that he's unconscious, some are suggesting that this may have been a mild overdose.

Here's the video:

And here's a screenshot of J Boog with drool coming from his mouth.


J-Boog’s first Love & Hip-Hop reunion was packed with drama, mainly because he had some harsh words for Fizz and Apryl Jones.

Things escalated when Boog was asked how he would feel if Fizz dated his baby’s mother (Fizz is dating Omarion’s baby’s mother Apryl Jones). He quickly said, “I’ma f**k him up.”

He then slammed Apryl, saying it was wrong to have a relationship with Fizz after having to kids with his close friend Omarion. Boog ranted, “What’s f**ked up is it’s unfortunate that you f**ked with his brother before you f**ked with him.”

Apryl then threatened to spill some info about Boog and he responded with, “Open up the box then, baby. Trust me, I ain’t the one to f**k with. Do you want me to say it for you so your clip is empty?”