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VIDEO: Reckless Cop Shoots Innocent 9 Year Old In The EYE!! ('Ow You Hurt My Eye')


A 9 year old Wichita, Kansas girl was shot in the eye - after a reckless police officer tried to shoot her dog. The incident happened in December, and police are just now releasing th body camera footage.

The video, as you can see below, shows Officer Dexter Betts pulls out his gun - firing two shots in rapid succession at close range at the girl’s 35- to 40-pound dog.

In addition to shooting the dog, the cop shot the 9 year old in the eye. She instantly jumps up and screams after a bullet fragment ricochets off the floor, where she sat near the dog. She wails: “Ow! … Hurt my eye! … My eye!” It left a scar above her eye, O’Hara said.

Asked if the family plans to sue the city, O’Hara said, “Obviously, the family would consider it, under the circumstances, I think.”

The department fired Betts less than a month after the Dec. 30 shooting, and he faces a trial later this summer on a felony charge of aggravated battery in the incident.