A Philadelphia rapper overdosed on Instagram Live last night - in an attempt to get "clout" from his fans.

Here is the video, warning graphic

The rapper ingested 8 ecstasy pills, and almost immediately - his body had a bad reaction.

When the drugs kicked in, the rapper fell to the floor - and was unable to stand.

His friends, who were recording the video for social media panicked - and left him there.

You can hear his friends say, 'We're out" before the video cuts off.

We've reached out to the Philadelphia police, to see whether they had any information on the man's condition. So far, we have not received a response from them.

Here is the video, warning graphic

The government classifies ecstasy, or MDNA as a schedule 1 drug. It is an addictive, dangerous, and even toxic drug.

Between 2005 and 2011, the number of emergency department visits due to ecstasy use rose from 4,460 to 10,176—an increase of 128. The stimulating effects of ecstasy dangerously masks alcohol intoxication, and because the two often go hand-in-hand, more than a third of these visits included alcohol use.