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WOMAN: R.Kelly Tricked Me Into Giving Him HE*D . . . And He Had . . . ‘A STRONG ODOR’!!

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A down on her luck woman is claiming that R Kelly tricked her – for oral relations. The woman gave EXPLICIT details on what happened.

R. Kelly met her after playing Basketball, and asked her to get in his truck. He offered her to get oral sex in exchange for the $3000.

She said she didn’t want to do it but at the time she really needed the money.

While in the truck he started raising his voice and being demanding about her giving him the oral sex saying ‘If you want the money, you are going to have to give me oral sex’. He was very ‘aggressive’.

The way he was looking at her, she believed he is the kind of person who would get ‘violent’ if he didn’t have his way. She says this because the way he was looking at her and talking to her in a very aggressive and demanding way. He kept repeating that she ‘had’ to do it for several minutes.

She didn’t have any money or food left for her kids and they were ‘burned out’. So she gave in. She believed he would give the money because of who she was. She had never done anything like that before. She had been living on Social security and was not working and she just did not have the money to pay for food and the hotel.

She gave in but to her horror, R Kelly had a bad odor between his legs. “He smelled real bad”. This made her sick to her stomach. When she did get ready to stop because the odor was too much he had ‘finished’ and wiped it on a white towel he had.

The stench was bad and she noticed that he still had on the same clothes from earlier in the day when he played basketball.

After she asked about the $3000. He claimed that he didn’t have cash only a card. When she pressed him about the money he told her to get out of his truck. When she threatened to expose him, he told her that nobody would believe her. She was shocked by his reaction. When she begged and told him over and over again about her being burned out, he sat there with a smirk on his face like “B!tch, get out my truck”.