VIDEO: Old Man Gets Stalked And EATEN ALIVE . . . By HUNGRY LION!! (In Critical Condition)

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A disturbing video just leaked, and according to reports it was taken at the Marakele Predator Park in South Africa, nine kilometers from Thabazimbi

It all started when an elderly man entered the enclosed lions den, and almost immediately he realizes that was a big mistake.

Witnesses watch in horror as the man ran towards the door - being stalked by the GREAT BEAST. He didn't make it.

The onlookers screamed as the lion dragged the man back into the bushes - and the lion appeared to begin EATING HIM. The old man was completely limp.

Reports say that, "A woman is heard howling in horror at what she has just witnessed while another man is heard shouting 'get a rifle.'"

Luckily someone managed to get a gun, and shoot the lion. In the video, you see the lion stop eating the old man - as a gunshot rings out.

The lion immediately ran for cover, and the man was rushed to the hospital. He's in critical condition.

The park that the man was at has been around for almost 10 years, in fact:

Marakele Predator Park was established in 2010 by Mike and Chrissy Hodge after they emigrated from the UK, according to its website.

They moved to South Africa in 1999 and started a lion conservation project in 2003 on a farm 30kms from Thabazimbi.

A few years later they relocated to the town in the Limpopo province and founded the Marakele Predator Park.