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Sandra Bland her own arrest via her cellphone, and now, almost four years after her death, the video has been released to the public.

Bland, a Black woman found dead in a Texas jail in 2015 following a confrontational traffic stop, is seen having a stun gun pointed in her face at very close range by a white State Trooper who screams and yells for her to get out of her car. Trooper Brian Encina can be clearly heard telling Bland, "Get out of the car! I will light you up. Get out!"

Bland was found hanging in her jail cell just three days after her arrest.

Democratic state Rep. Garnet Coleman, who in 2017 carried the "Sandra Bland Act" said he will be investigating into why the footage was not released until now.

"It is troubling that a crucial piece of evidence was withheld from Sandra Bland's family and legal team in their pursuit of justice," Coleman said in a statement.

Bland's family told WFAA that they want the case to be reopened.