A new video showing a group of college guys apparently checking out Michelle Obama is going viral. The video was leaked on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, and has been viewed nearly 500k times.

Michelle made a surprise stop at Wayne State University this week, and met with a group of young African American students.

The young men were happy and surprised to see the former First Lady. But some people are suggesting that the young men were also caught on camera "checking out" Barack's wife.

Michelle is described as looking "thick" by the man who posted the video online. The poster wrote, "Can we talk about how First Lady's a** is SIT-TING in them pants!"

Here's the video:

Michelle is in the midst of a nationwide book and speaking tour. Estimates are that the former First Lady will make an estimated $50M during this tour.

Recently according to TMZ, Michelle ran into NBA star Russell Westbrook the report read:

The Oklahoma City Thunder star has a game Friday night at the Pepsi Center -- the same spot where Michelle O had a big event Thursday to promote her book, "Becoming."

Unclear who spotted who ... but Russ was definitely excited to see the former First Lady and posted the pic on Instagram.

"It was insane running into Michelle Obama. She has been such an inspiration to my family, and I can't wait to read her new book Becoming," Westbrook wrote.