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Man Allegedly Put A Lit Cigarette In 'RHONY' Sonja Morgan's V*gina!! (Graphic)

A video of a man claiming that he once put a lit cigarette inside the vagina of Sonja Morgan has resurfaced online.

Sonja and "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" star Josh Flagg talk about the incident in the video.

"Remember that one time after Townhouse [Bar]? I stuck a Parliament [cigarette] up her vagina once," Flagg says in the clip.

"Oh, God. We woke up the next day, there were so many cigarettes lying around," says Sonja. Flagg then says "It was all over," before adding, "I mean literally I stuck a cigarette up her vagina." Sonja said it was just for fun.

The video is back in the spotlight after Heather Thomson claimed to have been to Sonja's home the morning after.

"That's actually when I turned on Sonja, because I had literally carried that woman home," she said. "I had scraped her off carpets. I had taken her out of a vestibule where she was letting guys put lit cigarettes in her vagina."