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Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives was jumped by her reality co-star Malaysia - and some of Malaysia's cousins.

MTO News first reported the story of Jackie getting jumped three months ago, when it happened. We're told that as a result of her getting jumped, Jackie Christie has suffered a concussion.

Initially it was thought that Malaysia's family was wrong for beating up Jackie, but now it appears that Jackie was the one who started it.

We have footage of the incident taken from the Basketball Wives trailer. The footage shows Jackie hitting Malaysia with a chair, and pushing Malaysia's cousin.

Here are some images from the attack:


Here is the video of Jackie starting the trouble:

And while Jackie may have started the fight - Malaysia and her family ENDED IT. 

Here's what an eyewitness told us at the time of the fight:

The drama popped off when Jackie made disparaging comments about co-star Malaysia Pargo during a skate party, in front of Malaysia's family.

The insider explained, "A lot of Malaysia's family was at the [skate] party. And Malaysia comes from a ghetto family, with a lot of gang members and such."

Our snitch added, "One of Malaysia's cousins heard Jackie talking and beat her up. It was bad, Jackie hit [the back of] her head on the ground."